Today i will discuss about “How to Create the S3 bucket in AWS”. Login to AWS account. Go to S3. Click on “create bucket”. See the¬† below image for the same.

Once you click on “create bucket“, it will ask for bucket name. Enter the bucket name(I created the bucket with name “s3-tech”) and click on Next. Then again click on Next.(As I am using free tier Account so few of functionalities are disabled).

Then choose the value¬†“Do not grant public read access to this bucket” for “Manage public permission” . For Manage system permission, choose “Do not grant S3 Log delivery group write access to this bucket”.

Click on “Next”. Then click on “Create bucket”.The bucket with name “S3-tech” gets created in the AWS in your account. See the below image for the same.

This is how S3 bucket is created in AWS.

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