Today i will discuss about “How to Create the S3 bucket in AWS”. Login to AWS account. Go to S3. Click on “create bucket”. See the  below image for the same.

Once you click on “create bucket“, it will ask for bucket name. Enter the bucket name(I created the bucket with name “s3-tech”) and click on Next. Then again click on Next.(As I am using free tier Account so few of functionalities are disabled).

Then choose the value “Do not grant public read access to this bucket” for “Manage public permission” . For Manage system permission, choose “Do not grant S3 Log delivery group write access to this bucket”.

Click on “Next”. Then click on “Create bucket”.The bucket with name “S3-tech” gets created in the AWS in your account. See the below image for the same.

This is how S3 bucket is created in AWS.