In this Blog, we will do some changes in the “test” Branch (which we have shown in my previous blog “Create local branch in VS“) and push those changes to git Repository.
Suppose you have done some changes in the code developed using Visual Sudio . Here, I am changing one file(README.txt). Below is the content of the file before and after changes.

As soon you save the changes , you will see that changes in “Git Changes” Section.

Now, you need to select those files , Right click and select “Stage“.

Next Step is to commit these stage changes(Click on Commit Staged). Mention the appropriate message as well which helps other team members to understand what changes you have done in the code .

Now, you will see 1 outgoing in the Git Changes Section. Click on Push Button to commit these changes in test branch present in git Repository.

Lets check these changes in the git itself.

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