Push the local changes to git using Git GUI

In my preceding blog, I have explained about the “How to Clone git repository into your local Machine”. Now, i will describe on “How to push changes done in local repository to git repository using Git GUI”. Below are the steps to achieve the same.
STEP 1 : I added one file to my local Repository which is “R-sample-1.r”. Go to Commit->Rescan. It will refresh the local repository changes in git GUI. See the below image for the same.

STEP 2 : Go to Commit and Click on “Stage to Commit”.

Once you clicked on “Stage to Commit”.The file will go to “Stages changes (Will commit)”. See the below SS for this.

STEP 3 : Type Message and Click on Commit. See the below image for the same.

File is committed to the local repository.

STEP 4 : Now, we need to push these changes to remote git repository. Simply, Click on push button. See the below SS for the same.

A screen will appear where you need to select master branch and Click on again push.

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