cassandra input component in Pentaho

Today, I will discuss about “How to use cassandra input component in Pentaho”. For this, the first and foremost criteria is that cassandra database should be downloaded and installed in your local Machine.Once installation is completed, you can start the Apache-cassandra services using below command.cassandra.bat -f ( This batch file is present inside bin folder).In order to create a sample table in the Cassandra database, you need to open another command prompt session where you need to run the cqlsh command(Run this command inside bin folder) which helps to run…

Query to get all records not matching in all tables.

Today, I will discuss about the scenario/Problem which i faced in current project. Problem Statement : You have two Employee tables having data mentioned below. Emp-1 EmpId EmpName 1 Shivani 2 Gaurav 3 Radhe 4 Rahul 5 Anil Emp-2 EmpId EmpName 1 Shivani 6 Ashok 3 Radhe 7 Vikram 4 Rahul Output : EmpId EmpName 2 Gaurav 5 Anil 6 Ashok 7 Vikram Solution : Here, you need to use except or minus based on the database you are using and union clause. See the below query for the same.…

Check SQL History and Monitor Sessions in PL/SQL Developer Tool

Today, i will discuss about how to monitor Sessions and check what all queries executed in pl/sql Sessions. First, In order to Monitor Sessions which are active /inactive in particular Schema in pl/sql developer tool, Go to Tools->Monitor Sessions. See the below Screen Shot for the same. Second, In order to see what all queries executed in particular Session , go to View -> SQL History. See the below image for the same.


Today, i will share the query which will give the column names along with table name on which index is created.Below is the Query for the same. select a.index_name,a.table_name,b.column_name from all_indexes a, all_ind_columns b where a.table_name=b.table_name and a.index_name=b.index_name and a.uniqueness=’UNIQUE’ and a.table_name in <LLIST OF TABLE NAMES>   Query to give column names which are not null in the table. select table_name,column_name from all_tab_columns where table_name like ‘%ABC%’ and NULLABLE=’N’ and owner=<SCHEMA_NAME> order by table_name


Today, i will discuss about how to check which values in the table for a particular column are uppercase or not. I have designed a Query using dual to achieve the same. Below is the Query. select * from (select ‘A’ as col1, ‘B’ as col2 from dual union select ‘a’ col1,’D’ as col2 from dual) A, (select ‘A’ as col1 ,’B’ as col2 from dual union select ‘a’ col1 ,’D’ as col2 from dual)B where upper(B.col1)=A.col1 and B.col2=A.col2; I created table A and table B using dual command .…