AWS configuration files in Pentaho 8.2

Today, I will discuss about the configurations files which are newly introduced in Pentaho version >8. First of all, if you see in Pentaho version greater than 8, S3 file input and S3 file output components, Access Key and Secret Key variables are removed. See the below SS.

Below are the steps to be performed in windows Machine.

1. create folder inside C:/Users/user/.aws
2. In order to create .aws folder , give folder name as .aws. then .aws folder gets created.
3. Inside .aws folder, create files config and credentials without any extension.
4. In credentials file, below should be the content . Remember to put access and secret key values.

5. In config file, below should be the content. Here , you need to give region number as per AWS Region configured. Map your region as per URL( Mention the value of output accordingly.

6. See the below SS of the files which i have configured in my local Machine.

Hotels [CPS] IN

6. Once you set these values in config and credentials file,then try to use S3 file output and S3 csv input . Let me know if you face any issue. comment on this blog , i will reply as soon as i see it.

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