Call Pentaho Job using Batch Script

In this post, I will discuss about the “How to call the Pentaho Job in the local Machine which is windows” . To put it differently, call the Pentaho Job using batch script. Below is the sample code of the batch script.

call <local_Path>\data-integration\kitchen.bat /file:<Local-Path>\Pipe-delimited-file-variables.kjb

In above command, I have mentioned Path of the kitchen.bat file and then Path of the Pentaho job along with Job Name.
Below is the ETL code of above Job.

This job does a very simple part to load the pipe delimited file to a Table. Follow the below steps to execute on command prompt
1. Copy the above mentioned command to a file and save the same in .bat format.
2. Go to Command Prompt
3. Go to the file where batch script is present.
4. Then call the batch script by simply typing the batch script file. See the below SS for the same.

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