call stored procedure using Table Input component in Pentaho

Today, I will discuss about the scenario which might comes in someone’s development phase wherein we need to call procedure or function using Table input component.

Here, I have created the sample function and procedure using sql server Database. See the code snippets.

See the Data which is present in the TBL_DIM_CUSTOMER

Now, we will call function using select statement inside Table input component. See the below SS. Here , I have passed customer_id value as 5.

Click on Preview, you will get required result.

In the similar Fashion, we will call procedure using table input. See the below SS for the same. Here also, I have considered customer_id 5 , but it will return more than one value as i have kept small change in code which you can see above.

Click on Preview and see the results.

This is how, we can use procedure or function inside the Table input component.

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