How to pass parameter in carte

Today, I will discuss about “Call Job using Carte with parameters”. I have already explained How to setup carte in windows machine and How to execute job or Transformation using Carte.
Now, we will extend this blog by passing the parameter to a job.
Here I have a job where I have set parameter “file_name”. See the Below images for the same.

Pentaho Job with Parameter

This file_name parameter is used inside the transformation which can see below.

Transformation with same Parameter

Now, we will run the Job using carte . In order to do this, first you need to start the carte services using carte.bat. Once carte services are up. Run the below command having parameters in it.
See the below Response as well.
* If you see ,we have passed file_name parameter to carte which is file_name=C:\Data-Integration\file1.csv.
* We have used “&” operator to pass parameter.

Carte job using Parameter

You can see the same in Kettle Status as well.

Kettle Job Status

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