Today, i will discuss about the interview Questions on Pentaho. In my previous blog, I have share 15 Interview question. You can go through those as well using below link.

interview Questions on Pentaho

Below are the new set of Interview Questions on Pentaho.

1. What is Carte in Pentaho. In what all scenarios , we can avail Carte services.
2. How can we dynamically split value into multiple Variables.
3. What is AEL (Adaptive execution Layer) in Pentaho.
4. How can we change the User interface of Pentaho BI portal.

5. If the downstream application requirement is to generate xml files , how do you validate whether  XML generated using ETL code is as expected.

(Hint XSD Validator).
6. How can you do error handling of csv file input without using database(tables).
7. Design ETL code to have dynamic sql query  in such a way where table name, “column name in select statement” and “column name in where clause” are variables.
8. There is a component in Pentaho i.e Metadata injection, where we can use this component.
9. Can we implement SCD type 2 without Dimension lookup and Database Procedures. If yes , then how can we implement it
using pentaho components.
10. What are the ways where we can check the time taken by each component post execution of job.
11. How can we run jobs in parallel.
12. How will you merge the two xmls in Pentaho.
13. What settings are required to run the same transformation or job multiple times for different set of values.
14. Why 3NF normalization is not effective as compare to 1NF normalization in real time scenarios.
15. If i do changes in, do we need to restart the Pentaho services in order to make sure changes are reflecting.

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