1.How to create ETL code which will behave same as case statement in Database. Name the component which you will use for the same.

2.Can we run the ETL code until the condition met or you can say infinite loop like while statement saying 1==1 in shell script.

3.How to get number of fields in csv file in Pentaho without using shell Script.


4.Have you ever used Sample rows component. If yes, where you actually need this component.

5.What is Apache kafka . How you will setup the same in either windows or Linux Machine?

6.What all components present in PDI related to Kafka?

7.Give one example  where we can use Kafka components in your ETL code.

8.How to get the latest  file  based on either Timestamp or Size(Max) in your ETL run without  using Shell Scripting.

9.How to get file names present in subfolders of particular folder. Again without using shell Scripting.

10.How to design ETL job where date is the changing part in the file name and every time you need to fetch file based on current date or sysdate.

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