features of SAS Tool

Today, I will discuss about the features of SAS. As I started my career as database developer ,hence I will share features which is similar to database commands which will help you all in migration projects.

1. Connect to any data base like Sql-server , Netezza, Oracle using connect to odbc command.
2. Perform nesting of SAS scripts inside one SAS script using macro and include commands.
3. Perform union all, all joins(left outer,right outer,full outer) operations in SAS using merge and set commands
4. Read data from any file like csv ,pipe(|) delimited,variable field length ,Tab delimited using infile and input command.
5. Perform error handling as well using _error_ .
6. Perform If and then operations which is equivalent of case statement in database.
7. Perform loop operations using do command.
8. Indexing and sorting can be done using sort and index commands.
9. Logical number for each record is achievable using _n_ .
10. Equivalent of local Temp table in procedure can be achieved through data set using data and set command in SAS.

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