interview Questions on Pentaho

Today, i will share few set of interview questions on Pentaho. Below are the Questions.

  1. How you will implement SCD type 0 ,SCD type 1, SCD type 2 in pentaho.
  2.  Difference between arguments and variables
  3. What are the components present in transformation, name at least 10 components.
  4. Have you ever implemented any plugin using Java in Pentaho.
  5. If I want to run 10 jobs in parallel through Shell Script, how should I do it.
  6. What is factless fact table , give practical examples
  7. What is conformed dimension and degenerate dimensions
  8. Difference between Database join and sql script
  9. How you will design ETL if the Usecase fails , then in case of rerun it should run from start of failure
  10. How you implement Exceptional handling in  your Pentaho Project
  11. If I have different date format values , how will convert them into single format and load into tables
  12. How you will lookup the data from the table  without using the table lookup
  13. How have you handled incremental loading in your project using Pentaho
  14. Have you faced any issues in Pentaho regarding performance. If yes how you have resolved that issue.
  15. What is the biggest Challange have you faced while designing ETL Usecase.
  16. What is partitioning in Pentaho and how will you implement the same.

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