Count Inversions in Array

Consider an Array (2 4 1 3 5). Inversions are those pairs where a[i]>a[j] and i<j . For above mentioned array, below are the pairs of Inversions. So, total Count Inversions are 3 for this Array.(2 1)(4 1)(4 3)Below is the code for the same using shell scripting. a=(2 4 1 3 5)len=${#a[@]}lngthminusone=$(( $len -1))i=0## This while loop will run inner loop for each element.while [ $i -lt $len ] doj=0## This while loop will compare one element with rest of the elements.while [ $j -lt $lngthminusone ] doj=$(( $j…

Check whether length of two array is same or not in Linux

In this blog, sharing code to check whether length of two arrays is same or not. arr=(4 3 2 1) ## First Array of 4 elementsarr_2=(4 3 1 10 1) ## Second Array of 5 elementslen_arr=${#arr[@]}len_arr_2=${#arr_2[@]}if [ $len_arr -eq $len_arr_2 ]thenecho “Length of both Array is same”fiif [ $len_arr -ne $len_arr_2 ]thenecho “Length of both Array is not same”fi