Find Uncommon Characters in two Strings

In this Blog, Sharing code to find characters which are not common in the two strings. For example, String1=”iamcoder” and String2=”iamloser” has below uncommon characters .c, d, l, s str1=”iamcoder” # String 1str2=”iamloser” # String 2CharInStr1NtPrInStr2=” #Blank String which will have Characters in String1 which are not present in String2CharInStr2NtPrInStr1=” #Blank String which will have Characters in String2 which are not present in String1m=${#str2} ##Length of a String2n=${#str1} ##Length of a String1i=0j=0while [[ $i -lt $n ]] #loop through all characters of String1doChar=${str1:$i:1}CharPresentInStr1=echo $str2 | grep -i $Char | wc…

Parenthesis Check in Linux

In this blog, Sharing code to check whether Parenthesis or Brackets are correct in a string or not.Consider a String”[()]” should return “Parenthesis check Passed” while String “{()[(]))”should return “Parenthesis check Failed”. CODE EXPLANATION:1. Created two String OpenBracketStr and CloseBracketStr.2. Keep on Appending based on Character present in the String. If its a opening Bracket, it will be added to OpenBracketStr and as we have received Open Bracket type, I am adding a Expected Closed Bracket by myself in String called CloseBracketStr. In case I get 5 Opening bracket consecutively…

Minimum Index of all Characters in a String

In this blog, Sharing code to find Minimum Index value of all Characters present in a String. Consider a String “allabouttechnologies”.So, mininum Index for l is 1 not 2 and for a, its 0 not 3. str=”alllabouttechnologies”declare -A dict1 ##declare a dictionaryunset dict1 ##resetting dictionarynewstr=” ## creating Blank Stringn=${#str}i=0while [[ $i -lt $n ]]doChar=${str:$i:1}echo ${newstr}CharCntInNewStr=echo ${newstr} | grep ${Char} | wc -l ##If Character is not present, inserting into dictionary Index and Character itselfif [[ $CharCntInNewStr -eq “0” ]]thendict1[${i}]=${Char}echo ${dict1[${i}]}newstr=${newstr}${str:$i:1}fii=$(( $i + 1))donefor key in “${!dict1[@]}”; doecho “$key ${dict1[$key]}”done

Get all distinct Character in a string

In this blog, Sharing code to get only unique Characters present in a string. Please do not get confused with my Previous Blog . Its a different topic all together. Consider a String “allabouttechnologies“, so the distinct or unique Characters of this String are “alboutechngis“. str=”alllabouttechnologies” ##Sample Stringnewstr=” ##Blank new Stringn=${#str} ## Length of a Stringi=0while [[ $i -le $n ]] ##looping Character by CharacterdoChar=${str:$i:1}CharCntInNewStr=echo ${newstr}| grep ${Char} | wc -l ##Checking if Character already exists in new Stringif [[ $CharCntInNewStr -eq “0” ]]thennewstr=${newstr}${str:$i:1} ## appending Character if it is…

Check whether length of two array is same or not in Linux

In this blog, sharing code to check whether length of two arrays is same or not. arr=(4 3 2 1) ## First Array of 4 elementsarr_2=(4 3 1 10 1) ## Second Array of 5 elementslen_arr=${#arr[@]}len_arr_2=${#arr_2[@]}if [ $len_arr -eq $len_arr_2 ]thenecho “Length of both Array is same”fiif [ $len_arr -ne $len_arr_2 ]thenecho “Length of both Array is not same”fi