Pull the git changes to local repository using Git GUI

Until now, I have explained about “How to clone the git repository into your local Machine” and “how to push the local changes to git repository”. Today, I will explain about “how to pull the git changes into your local repository” as it is very important to first pull the changes into your local, then start doing the changes in your local repository. If not, then you will face severe issues while committing your changes into git.

Consider an example where in 10 employees mapped to a project and all are performing changes into git , all those changes should reflect in your local repository . To put it differently, your local repository should always be in sync with the remote git repository so that you won’t face issues or conflicts while committing your changes.
Below are the steps performed for the pull request.
STEP 1 : In order to perform pull request, I will do changes in master branch in git repository. For example, I edited one file README.txt in git. See the below SS which shows content of README.txt before editing.

After editing and commit, Below is the content of the file.

STEP 2 : In Git GUI, Go to Remote->Fetch from->origin. See the below image for the same.

Once this is done, you will see the below pop-up appears on your Machine.

STEP 3 : In Git GUI, Go to Merge->Local Merge

Once you Click on Local Merge, below Screen will appear on your screen. Here , if you look at, we are merging the “Tracking Branch-origin/master” to local master.Click on Merge.

Post Merge, You will see those changes in your local Repository. Hence , pull request works in Git GUI App. See the updated file in local Machine as well.

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